Applicants who wish to apply for a certificated position must possess certification for the position in which they are interested.


Support staff position applicants may need to meet certain requirements for education, experience and/or professional credentials depending on the type of position they are applying for.


All new hires are required to submit to a fingerprint background check through the Missouri Highway Patrol. Employment with North Wood R-IV cannot begin until receipt of valid written clearance results. For more information on the mandatory fingerprinting and background check process, please refer to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Fingerprinting Background Check for Educator Certification webpage.


DESE issues two types of substitute certificates, depending upon the setting(s) in which an individual will be placed. Regardless of the type of substitute certificate, each applicant is required to complete a background check if he/she is requesting a new certificate or is considered to be a new hire at a school district. If an applicant has previously fingerprinted for DESE, a new fingerprint clearance will be required if the previous one is over twelve months old.  

North Wood R-IV is an Equal Opportunity Employer.